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Main activities/specialization The Elite Software Products (eSP) is an international Consortium of top-quality software development and hi-tech companies, specializing in professional software services, custom software solutions and business process outsourcing across vertical markets. Originally founded in 2000, today eSP Consortium employs over 300 IT professionals jointly covering a wide area of technologies and target business expertise.

The members of Consortium are eSP Consulting, Eclipse SP, MBS, SoftPro Workgroup, Insart and Finport Technologies.

In carrying out our clients projects, we emphasize constant communication with the client and seek their approval and input as the project proceeds. We provide full-service software development from detailing project parameters to testing and quality assurance. We utilize state-of-the-art software and project management tools for the development of our products; the results have been excellent.

The structure of our company has been designed in a way that maximizes benefits for customer: The customer can adjust all of the terms of the contract with the central office of Consortium; The Consortium's management shall solve the customer's problems maximize the Consortium's resources for the clients benefit; By utilizing skilled software specialists from Eastern Europe (with a strong background in programming for the space industry in the former Soviet Union), significant cost savings are passed on to the customer without compromising quality; Fulfillment of the customers requirements, terms of contract, and quality specs shall be ensured by the well qualified management of the Consortium.
Participant 1  
Full Name Sergiy Salenko
Position CEO
Participant 2  
Full Name Georgiy Zvirid
Position PM
Participant 3  
Full Name Vasiliy Solocshuk
Position PM



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