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Microsoft Ukraine

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Заснована у 1975 році корпорація Microsoft є визнаним світовим лідером у галузі розробки програмного забезпечення, а також у наданні послуг та рішень, які допомагають людям та компаніям повністю реалізувати свій потенціал.
З 2003 року в Україні працює компанія «Майкрософт Україна», до завдань якої входить розвиток ринку програмного забезпечення, а також впровадження та локалізація найновіших технологій на території України.
Додаткову інформацію про компанію та продукти Майкрософт можна знайти на веб-серверах Microsoft:


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Ciklum is a Ukrainian based software outsourcing company with Danish Management. It was established in the year 2000. Ciklum, currently, has 550+ employees, 60+ on-going IT projects & is the 2nd largest Ukrainian IT company. Ciklum focuses on establishing teams for our clients. We support the clients in working directly with the developers to reach a high level of productivity & relations between the employees & the client. Also, Ciklum provides project-based service & peak resources on a short-time basis to accomplish very specific tasks.

Infopulse Ukraine, Ltd.

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
- Turn key tailor-made software solutions development and implementation;
- Software implementation and integration;
- Business analysis and IT consulting.
- IT Operations


Country:   Germany

Main activities/specialization :
CBP company provides support services to the IT and Hi-Tech companies willing to cut their expenses and increase their competitiveness by working with Eastern European companies. Currently the company activity is focused on Ukraine and Russia – the leading countries in IT and Hi-Tech outsourcing in the Eastern Europe.
CBP provides a wide range of services related to: selection of the most successful business-model; identification and selection of the partners; management and realignment of offshore IT projects; merger and integration management for captive offshore initiatives; recruitment and consulting; assistance to expatriates; local business-culture education.
CBP professionals are well-acquainted with the local business environment and have wide experience in successful IT projects implementation. CBP currently runs offshore projects in Germany, France, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, UK and USA.

Hungarian Outsourcing Association

Country:   Hungary

Main activities/specialization :
• Operates a promotion and information network (promotes benefits and positive impact of outsourcing - on- and offshore)
• Forum which provides members a framework for discussing outsourcing-related issues or common problems (best practices, techniques, market developments)
• Collect and share market information with the members
• International network with foreign purchasing and outsourcing organisations
• Establishes and operates a certification system to the outsourcing suppliers
• Lobby towards the Hungarian Government, legislation, and the authorities, concerning sector development

Baltic Outsourcing Association (BOA)

Country:   Lithuania

Main activities/specialization :
BOA - BPO and ITO projects management within different industries. For Providers. BOA is reliable and effective channel for Ukrainian business to access EU market via outsourcing. BOA as coalition of market research, marketing, business legal, strategic business, and IT advice professionals will navigate you towards most optimal EU access solution. For Buyers. When you are looking at outsourcing as part of your management processes, at BOA we understand those objectives and feel confident we can deliver,-BOA providing personalized professional services to each different Buyers inquiry.


Country:   FRANCE

Main activities/specialization :
Founded in 1991, Smile is the leading integrator of open source solutions in France. The company is positioned on 4 areas of activity: Engineering and development, Consulting, Communications and Third party maintenance.
J2EE, .Net or PHP, Smile comprises the expertises needed for wide scale projects. For the past 10 years, the company has produced some of the most outstanding websites in France, with large audience and advanced features: Renault, Bouygues Telecom, Croix Rouge, JCDecaux…

Based in Paris, Lyon, Nantes and Montpellier, Smile counts 200 employees and generated 9 M€ revenue in 2006.


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
DataArt is a high-end software outsourcing company for SMEs with industry-specific expertise in financial technology and telecom. DataArt was recently named one of the top emerging outsourcing providers worldwide by BusinessWeek, CMP's Global Services 100 and IAOP's Global Sourcing 100. Headquartered in New York City, DataArt runs state-of-the-art R&D centers in St. Petersburg and Voronezh, Russia, Kherson and Kharkov, Ukraine, and maintains offices throughout the U.S. and in London, UK.

Skelia sprl

Country:   Belgium

Main activities/specialization :
Skelia is a small company based in Belgium, specialized in IT outsourcing to near shore eastern countries.

We play the role of pivot between the customer and the outsourcing partner. We capitalize on our extensive experience and knowledge of both sides to achieve the best results for our customers.
As a small company we do adapt very quickly to the customer's needs; and based on our experience we provide guidelines and methodology to avoid the pitfalls of outsourcing.

IBA Group

Country:   Czech Republic

Main activities/specialization :
IBA Group provides software development, migration, maintenance, support, and IT consulting services. Headquartered in the Czech Republic, IBA Group has offices in Belarus, the United States, Germany, Cyprus, Russia, and Bulgaria. IBA Group has achieved SEI CMMI Level 4 and is ISO 9001:2000-certified. IBA Group serves clients in more than 30 countries across diverse industries, including banking, railway, telecommunication, manufacturing, healthcare, trade, and public sectors. IBA Group ranks #1 in Central and Eastern Europe in the neoIT and CMP’s Global Services 100.

GoodmanHaller Multisourcing

Country:   Germany

Main activities/specialization :
the european market entry specialists!

GH helps Offshore companies to sell in Germany,
Austria and Switzerland.
Our huge knowledge base of IT Decision Makers
means we can connect you to companies which need to
reduce the cost of IT Operations and Software Projects.
We manage all communication so that selling and marketing
your services to your target market actually works.

Intetics Co.

Country:   USA

Main activities/specialization :
INTETICS is a leading outsourcing company focused on custom software development and offshore staff augmentation services. Since 1995 Intetics has served over 200 customers in more than 30 countries. The company is listed in the 2007 World's 100 Most Innovative Service Providers by Global Services magazine and Top 100 Global Outsourcing companies by IAOP and Fortune. It's also ranked the second in the Top 5 Global Emerging Service Providers. For more information, please visit

Hexaware Technologies Ltd.

Country:   India

Main activities/specialization :
Hexaware, a global provider of IT and Process outsourcing services is focussed on Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Transportation, Travel, Hospitality & Logistics industries. We have extensive experience in managing large IT applications in real time as well as in providing high value services around packaged enterprise applications such as SAP and PeopleSoft. The company's onsite/offshore delivery model provides maximum client returns through outsourcing & offshoring. Our development centers are assessed at SEI CMMI-Level 5, and are also ISO 9001:2000 and TickIT certified

Sitrus LLC

Country:   USA

Main activities/specialization :
Sitrus LLC is based in Randolph, NJ with two additional development centers in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Services: Outsourced Software Development; Quality Assurance and Integration; Remote Support for System/Database Administration/Operations; Outsourced Data Processing.
Engineering Services Expertise: Web based CRM for Banks and Brokerages; Financial Data Integration; Financial Work Flow Automation; Commissions Based Compensation Systems; CAD/CAM; P2P; Identity Management

Aricent Ukraine

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Aricent Ukraine - дочірній відділ компанії Aricent International - світовий лідер в області розробки комунікаційного програмного забезпечення, незалежна компанія із величезним портфоліо продуктів та послуг. В 2006 році фірма ККР викупила основну частину компанії у Flextronics, який все ще володіє меншою частиною. Із головним офісом в Пало Альто, Калифорния, США, Aricent також має інші офіси в США, Індії, Швеції, Китаї, Фінляндії, Сінгапурі, Германії, Італії, Японії, Кореї, Південній Африці, Україні та Англії.

Найважливіші області кваліфікації
• Технології обробки природної мови та їх застосування
• Технології мобільної телефонії, персональних інформаційних пристроїв та їх застосування
• Програмне забезпечення рівня підприємства
• Програмне забезпечення для тестування апаратного забезпечення
• Рішення клієнт-сервер, програмування для Інтернет та веб дизайн
• Мультимедіа та бібліотеки ілюстрацій
• Інтегрування та тестування продуктів

ScienceSoft Inc.

Country:   Belarus

Main activities/specialization :
ScienceSoft: Eastern European offshore IT outsourcing services & software development center.Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft Inc. is one of the most mature IT outsourcing service providers in Eastern Europe. Today we are proud to state that 40% of Fortune 500 companies use software developed by us.Over the 18 years of success, our team has increased up to 250 full time IT experts. We possess strong experience in custom software development successfully handling all major programming languages and technologies: C++, Java, .Net , as well as Unix/Linux, web and database based technologies.

FutureVision IT Solutions

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
We are Ukrainian Software Development Company providing expertise and services in the following:
• Offshore Dedicated Teams establishment in Ukraine. A solution for companies who need to extend their in-house software development capacity.
• Web development services. CMS, E-commerce Solutions, Corporate Intranets, Corporate Identity and Graphic Design.,
• Software Products and Services for Web, Web Analytics, E-Commerce, CMS, Trade Network Systems, Interactive Mapping, Internet GIS and Custom Flash/Flex apps.

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization : is a software application development center mostly for Adobe Flash/Flex technology based products, such as interactive maps, calendar software or MXP components. Being a part of FutureVision IT Solutions, USFlashMap provides products and services in several key directions:
• Flash GIS Mapping solutions for Real Estate, Communications, Retail, Transportation (Air Flights), Hotel & Travel, Government.
• Interactive Calendars for Website, Intra/Extranet collaborative soft and Desktop applications
• Custom Flash/Flex development
• Tender e-Auction systems


Country:   USA

Main activities/specialization :
Lohika is a US-based company focused on providing high-value software development services to technology companies. With its headquarters in the very heart of the Silicon Valley, the company has three offshore development and testing centers in Ukraine currently employing about 300 highly skilled engineers. For every project, Lohika puts in place a long-term dedicated customer team which thoroughly learns the customer’s products and delivers innovative solutions over time. Lohika’s customers recognize and leverage company for it


Country:   Ukraine-Germany

Main activities/specialization :
AIDOSS (Advanced Іnternatіonal Development of Software Solutіons) is a German-Ukrainian Offshore IT-Outsourcing enterprise that has earned a trusted reputation during recent years. AIDOSS Group specializes in developing intelligent, fast, and attractive software solutions. At AIDOSS Group, we offer our customers the following IT outsourcing services:- Custom software development Windows, Linux- Embedded software system development- Database design & implementation- Kernel-mode software development- Software testing and Quality Assurance (QA)- Product life-cycle support- Leasing of software development

Alpha-Resources LTD

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
-Custom software development services on various platform and technologies
-Embedded software development
-Hardware development
-Low-level programming
-Human Resources Management


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Altima specializes in creation of custom, high quality web sites, corporate identity, multimedia; Internet promotion and advertisement, search engine optimization.

Technologies, that we use:
HTML, DHTML, CSS, Flash, ActionScript, Javascript, Ajax for front-end
PHP, Perl, ASP, ASP.NET for back-end
Databases: MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
One of the largest HR-outsourcing services provider in CIS countries. Focus on recruitment.

Archer Software, LTD.

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Archer Software's main business lines are: Software Development Outsourcing; Rent a Technical Resource Program; Call/Support Center. Areas Of Expertise: Business Process Automation; Business Network Integration and Security; Wireless and Embedded Systems; VoIP Integration; Internet Solutions; and Cross-platform Migration. While our prices are much lower than those of European and North American companies, we view this as only part of the value we bring to our clients. We believe –that saving in development costs – should by no means translate into ‘saving’ or compromising on software quality.

Art-master Ltd.

Country:   Kiev

Main activities/specialization :
Activity Directions of Art-master Ltd.: 1. Software Development 2. GIS-Solutions Development 3.Information Protection 4. Electronic Digital Signature Services 5. IT-Training 6. Consulting 7. Sales of Licensed Software Electronic Digital Signature Services: Electronic digital signature services are offered by two key certification centers (KCC) of Art-master Ltd.: unaccredited KCC of Art-master Ltd. and MASTERKEY KCC. Both centers are electronic digital signature service providers and offer a full range of services related to its use.

Barone, Budge and Dominick

Country:   South Africa

Main activities/specialization :
BB&D offers a complete range of services including project management, business analysis, technical design, development, implementation, support and maintenance and best practices consulting.

BB&D is technology agnostic, and uses the right tools for the project in question. The company was formed at the start of the personal computer revolution and has adapted itself to the various paradigm shifts during the past twenty years such as downsizing, client server, rightsizing, 4GL, Case tools, fat client, object orientation, thin client, e-everything, smart client and SOA.


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :

Binary Studio Software

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Binary Studio Software – is young and dynamically growing IT-company. We
located in Donetsk, on east of Ukraine. Main sphere of activity of our firm is providing of
outsourcing services of C++/Java/.NET/PHP/Delphi developers and developing of our own
Our clients are companies from EU, Australia, USA and local companies whose activity is
related to information technologies. One of the main priorities of our company in relations
with clients is accent on participation in long-term relationships. That is why many of them
choose our company as reliable partner, with help of which they can reduce the
basic risks of development of own applications to minimum.

BIT Impulse

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
We develop Web/Windows solutions on Microsoft .NET platform.

Our main expertise areas are:
- Business Intelligence: we provide services on DW and OLAP as well as our proprietary product for OLAP reporting;
- Corporate portals: we develop extensions for Sharepoint and eRoom;
- Custom web based software systems which internsively work with databases.

We are proficient in .NET, C#, SQL Server, Analysis Services, Sharepoint, eRoom, C++, GDI+, Windows system programming. Our software engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in algorithmic programming.


Country:   Czech Republic

Main activities/specialization :
BITerra is a dynamically growing Czech consultancy company providing a full range of high quality Business Intelligence professional services:
- Data Warehouse architecture
- Requirements analysis
- Data modelling
- ETL development
- Implementation of reporting and analytic tools
- Development of specialized applications
- Testing and support within the system integration

- Microsoft Certified Partner
- Cognos Silver Reseller Partner
- Long-term co-operation with Teradata

BMS Consulting

Country:   Украина

Main activities/specialization :
Research and development division of BMS Consulting company, offering wide range of services in software development domain.
Our main directions of activity are development, delivery and maintenance of software in the following areas:

- artificial intelligence and expert systems;
- enterprise management systems and decision support systems;
- embedded software development;
- Web-services and Web-portals.

We have a successful experience of development and putting into production the products in various industries, such as:
- oil refining;
- energy;
- chemical industry;
- pharmac


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
CargoWise edi is the world’s leading provider of enterprise class integrated logistics software solutions for freight forwarders, NVOCCs, customs brokers, container freight stations, ships agents, warehouses, cartage and trucking companies.
The company has more than 1,000 clients and 25,000 users in 45 countries. The flagship product of CargoWise edi is ediEnterprise - a highly modular enterprise-class system designed to automate and streamline the operations and management of international supply chain service providers.

Celenia Software Ukraine Ltd.

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Celenia Software offers Partner Services and Add-on Products to independent software vendors and partners within the area of Microsoft Dynamics AX|NAV|CRM.
At Celenia's headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark, 25 people work with management, project management, software design, marketing, and sales. Our American operations are based in Atlanta, Georgia. We have sales representatives in Redmond, Washington and in London, UK.
At our state-of-the-artDevelopment Centers in Ukraine, 350+ software professionals work on Celenia's products and partner projects.

ComputerLand Ltd.

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Development & Implementation MBS Dynamics NAV;
Software development;
Software testing;
Hardware development.


Country:   РФ

Main activities/specialization :
CTI (Communications. Technology. Innovations.) is the Russian systems integrator and software development company specialized in IP-communications, whose main goal is to develop solutions for interactive television (IPTV), IP-telephony, Call and Contact centers, components of OSS/BSS systems and multiservice IP-networks. The company has many partner statuses. CTI is a member of Russian and International Associations.



Main activities/specialization :
Provision of IT resourcing solutions to European corporates. BPO and Software outsourcing solutions for companies wishing to gain competitive edge within Western Europe.


Country:   The Netherlands

Main activities/specialization :
Daxx is a Dutch company founded in 1996 with two important offshore development centers in Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg. From these offshore centers, we offer ITC services to international companies. Our main activities cover all fields of IT services: Internet, Software, SAP, Hosting and Mobile solutions.
Daxx has gained a depth of experience and knowledge that enable our consultants not only to help our clients solve problems but also expand their opportunities. Daxx develops software using tailor-made platforms or traditional ones. We work to find the most effective approach possible


Country:   Ukraine, USA

Main activities/specialization :
DevCom, a Microsoft Certified Partner and a professionally managed ISO 9001:2000 software development company provides outsourcing of custom application development. Our company has an office in USA and operations in Ukraine.

DevCom's strong areas are:
- software for machinery and constructing (analysis, performance, mathematics)
- network programming (C++, low-level APIs)
- large (> 100K users) eCommerce systems development and support (ASP.NET, C#)

Services offered by DevCom include full software develoment lifecycle: from business analysis to development, transition and support.


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Custom software development company which provides a wide range of high quality software solutions and IT services tailored to fit the business needs of our customers for more than six years. Our core competencies include telecommunications, healthcare, financial and CRM solutions. We have strong experience in creation and maintenance of various analytical and reporting tools and systems in those areas. Our services include Software Development, Quality Assurance, Product Evaluation, IT Consulting and 24x7 Software Support


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
DRAGON ALTAR is a game development studio with the technical, creative and production capabilities to create a new generation of casual games.

We are proud of the fact that in less than a year we have gathered the team of world-class creative professionals with impressive experience and talent. Moreover, during this time we managed to create a technological platform and a special methodology for effective game development process and, as a result, we have released the first two games of the highest quality.


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Collections services. Call center services.

EDB Business Partner ASA

Country:   Norway

Main activities/specialization :
IT-service provider
IT Operations
Application services
Nordic leadership
No 1 in Norway and No 5 in Sweden
No 2 in Outsourcing
No 1 in Bank solutions


Country:   Russian Federation

Main activities/specialization :
EleWise is an established Russian software development company with more than 7 years of experience in the field. We develop our own software products and offer expert software outsourcing services. Our innovative development team has great experience in .NET, Java, Oracle, and SAP technologies. This experience allows us to execute complex projects within reasonably short time, speed up our partners’ business processes and save their money.

Our reputation is great and well-deserved, and our experts are ready to work with you and your staff on any project.

eSP Consortium

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
The Elite Software Products (eSP) is an international Consortium of top-quality software development and hi-tech companies, specializing in professional software services, custom software solutions and business process outsourcing across vertical markets. Originally founded in 2000, today eSP Consortium employs over 300 IT professionals jointly covering a wide area of technologies and target business expertise.

The members of Consortium are eSP Consulting, Eclipse SP, MBS, SoftPro Workgroup, Insart and Finport Technologies.

In carrying out our clients’ projects, we emphasize constant communication with the client and seek their approval and input as the project proceeds. We provide full-service software development – from detailing project parameters to testing and quality assurance. We utilize state-of-the-art software and project management tools for the development of our products; the results have been excellent.

The structure of our company has been designed in a way that maximizes benefits for customer: The customer can adjust all of the terms of the contract with the central office of Consortium; The Consortium's management shall solve the customer's problems maximize the Consortium's resources for the clients benefit; By utilizing skilled software specialists from Eastern Europe (with a strong background in programming for the space industry in the former Soviet Union), significant cost savings are passed on to the customer without compromising quality; Fulfillment of the customer’s requirements, terms of contract, and quality specs shall be ensured by the well qualified management of the Consortium.

European Computer Driving Licence

Country:   Украина

Main activities/specialization :
ECDL (The European Computer Driving Licence) - ведущая мировая сертификация компьютерных пользователей.Сертификация осуществляется по единым стандартам во всём мире, международные сертификаты признаются более чем в 100 странах. В Украине ECDL эксклюзивно представляет и осуществляет авторизацию тестовых центров компания <Европейская сертификация компьютерных пользователей Украины> (ЕСКПУ).
ЕСКПУ- основатель Всеукраинской общественной организации "Украинская ассоциация специалистов информационных технологий", одной из основных целей которой является развитие аутсорсинга в Украине.

Firejuice Development

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Firejuice has built a solid reputation with international customers as an efficient and reliable partner for technology solutions. Our seasoned team of engineers, designers and project managers has years of experience and knows what it takes to plan, implement and manage successful offshore outsourcing software development projects.

Our company currently offers the following services and products:

* Custom Software Development
* Web Design & Development
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
* Consulting Services
* Content Management Systems


Country:   Russia

Main activities/specialization :
Company IMPULSE-IVC ( is formed in March, 1999 and more than 8 years successfully work in the market of information technologies. The basic kinds of activity: system and network integration, creation and support of the automated systems of various purpose and specialized construction. Rendered services: designing and the analysis at all stages of works, installation of engineering systems, installation of computer systems, introduction of the business software, warranty service.


Country:   Украина

Main activities/specialization :
• payroll for Ukrainian and multinational companies of different size, industries and organizations. InterComp offers one single and unique payroll processing solution to multi-nationals worldwide;
• accounting services, including business and tax accounting, restoration of accounting, fixed assets inventory;
• HR administration (HR documents restoration, HR documents review, HR Administration on a monthly basis).

International Foundation "Technobridge"

Country:   Украина

Main activities/specialization :
"Technobridge" activities are focused on the market segments of information technologies and telecommunications. Our efforts are allied with Next Frontier Capital Fund ( private equity and investment advisory fund), which targets traditional investment sectors. " Technobridge" specializes in financing the seed and early stage projects and companies. Core business strategy is to source, invest, develo and finally to exit a spin-offed companies by the means of strategic sale or IPO. We combine the vision and approach of venture capital and private equity firms having a steady focus on seed stage projects.

International Software and Productivity Engineering Institute

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
The International Software and Productivity Engineering Institute is a corporation with offices in New York and Kiev (Ukraine). INTSPEI develops and distributes advanced software engineering methodologies based on the original award-winning research conducted by its founders since 2001, and offers other solutions to help software development teams boost their productivity.


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
InterObject is a leading developer of mobile and embedded multimedia and communication software solutions, and a provider
of proven outsourced development services. Communications. Multimedia. Embedded software. Consumer electronics.
Whatever your industry may be, InterObject’s seasoned team of R&D professionals can be a true partner in achieving any software development goal.


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Intersog is a fast–growing, dynamic software developer and IT service exporter with operations in Chicago (USA) and Odessa (Ukraine). Intersog provides a full range of custom software development services, including outsourcing:
- Database and web development;
- Enterprise application integration services;
- Business analysis and IT consulting;
- Design, implementation, testing, integration, maintenance and support
We enjoy long-term relations with clients including some of the best-global business leaders such as Mitsubishi Motors, Klein Systems Group.

IOIX Ukraine

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
web 2.0 software development, search engine technologies, SEO, internet marketing

ISM Ukraine

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
E-business solutions, E-Learning Solutions, Content Management Solutions.

JV Monis Ltd. (ООО СП "Монис")

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Ключевой областью деятельности ООО СП «Монис» являются телекоммуникационные сети. СП «Монис» предлагает провайдерам телекоммуникационных услуг продукты, решения и приложения для построения эффективных, масштабируемых и прибыльных коммуникаций будущего.
В новом поколении продуктов SI3000, базирующихся на IP технологии и обеспечивающих экономичный и надежный переход на архитектуру сети IMS/Tispan, заложен широкий спектр услуг для растущих потребностей пользователей.
В состав нового бренда SI3000, объединившего в себе оборудование для построения сетей NGN с возможностью последующего перехода к IMS, входит: оборудование для организации сетей «последней мили» (аналоговая телефония, широкополосный доступ xDSL, беспроводной доступ WiMax, оптический доступ FTTx, оборудование для построения сетей MetroEthernet); оборудование для управления телефонией в сетях NGN (программный коммутатор SI3000 Call Server, сигнальный и медиа шлюз SI3000 Signaling & Media Gateway); оборудование для создания и предоставления услуг связи с добавленной стоимостью; широкий спектр абонентского оборудования SI3000 CPE (Customer Premises Equipment).

Широкая гамма продуктов позволяет создавать решения end-to-end – от абонентских устройств до уровня приложений: коммутация, сервера приложений, BRAS и т.д.


Country:   Saudi Arabia

Main activities/specialization :
Kdot® is a leading Information Technology services company delivering IT business solutions to its clients, Established in 2001, Kdot® delivers a broad portfolio of information technology services to clients in the manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, communications, energy, transportation, Education, and consumer and retail industries and to government sector in KSA.

As a Leading IT and Business Solutions Provider, Kdot® provides a competitive advantage with its customer-driven advanced technology solutions that optimizes your needs.


Country:   Украина

Main activities/specialization :
- Design of customizations / system extensions for Oracle E-Business Suite, fka Oracle Applications (SQL, PL/SQL, Forms, Reports, Discoverer, Designer)

- Software Development (Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, Borland Pascal, Perl, PHP, VB, Ruby)

- Some SAP / ABAP expertise

Larive Ukraine

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Larive International therefore strives NOT to be a traditional business consultant that works with static methods and a Western conception of the world. In cooperation with its local offices, Larive International works in small, experienced, multinational teams that combine the qualities of a larger international company with the know-how, cultural familiarity, and cost advantages of a local company.
In the first stage of Larive International’s existence, its core business was providing international marketing
and strategy related services to companies aiming to develop their business in the newly emerging markets in
Asia and the Pacific. In the beginning mainly large multinational companies were using the services provided
by Larive International and its local representative offices.

Linguistic Centre®

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Translation and Localization Company Linguistic Centre® (established in 1997) provides translation, interpreting, terminology management, functional testing, DTP, voice- over and other services necessary to create a local version of software, web contents, multimedia or printed documentation. ISO 9001:2001 certified. LISA Member (2005- 2007), GALA Member (since 2007). State Quality Award Winner of Ukrainian National Quality Competition 100 Best Goods and Services of Ukraine in nominations: Translation and Interpreting Services (2004) and Translation and Localization Services (2005).


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Melexis creates, manufactures and delivers advanced mixed signal semiconductors, sensor ICs, Hall sensor chips, pressure and acceleration sensor chips, infrared and optical sensors, RFID, embedded microcontrollers, programmable sensor IC systems and other products for the automotive electronics market.
Melexis mission: To provide innovative micro-electronics for our customers’ challenges with a passion for achieving mutual success. As our core values we embrace enjoyment, team oriented leadership and responsibility, customer orientation, profitability and respect.
For more then 15 years Melexis has been developing its products to make modern cars more safe, environment-friendly and comfortable. Today the company sells its products to a wide customer base of OEM's of automotive equipment in Europe, North America and Japan. Besides this automotive expertise, our customers are able to develop new products based on the integrated circuits that Melexis is providing in the consumer, industrial and wireless areas.

Mirasoft Group

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Mirasoft Group is one of the oldest software development companies in Eastern Europe. It provides wide range of IT services (professional development and QA). Mirasoft can contribute at any stage of a project from formulating the software vision and requirements management to implementation, rigorous testing, deployment and support. Besides Mirasoft has own product line - RAD platform Mirapolys, enterprise portal Corvet, ERP system Virtuoso.

NetPartner IT

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
NetPartner IT provides software development outsourcing services for companies whose success depends on quality software and systems. Engaging top-notch talent, we can provide qualified offshore resources for client-driven projects, or manage the entire development process.
With Departments in the U.S., Czech and a state-of-the-art development center in Ukraine, NetPartner IT can provide the best combination of quality implementation and professional customer service.

Personality Ltd.

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
1.IT-staff training:
- Java
- Software Testing
- SAP Consulting
- SAP ABAP Development
2.Recruiting IT-staff;
3.Starting up an IT-company (including juridical and operational matters)


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
«Quartz» is a Ukrainian offshore programming company specializing in software development.


Country:   Украина

Main activities/specialization :
"RQL-Ukraine" ( works in Ukrainian IT-market since 1994. Since 1999 we have our main activities in Software development for europien partners. We specialise in system analysis, information systems design, WEB-design and software development. We have real experience in telework for different industrial sectors, such as E-commerce, software, manufacturing, trading and media agencies.

Sellbytel Communication Group

Country:   Россия

Main activities/specialization :
Sellbytel is a leading partner for Sales, Service and Support. Efficient services, solid growth and a sense for innovation are used by our customers in Europe, Asia and Africa. Sellbytel with subsidiaries offer a complete portfolio for all customer management challenges including Sales, Business Process Outsourcing, Consulting, Customers Services. For more details please visit web site:

SoftClub Ltd.

Country:   Belarus

Main activities/specialization :
For more than 15 years, SoftClub has specialized in software development for the banking and finance industries. Our professionals have accumulated unique knowledge and competence in these areas.

Our customers are banks and financial organizations in Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, and Sweden.

SoftClub systems are implemented in 25 out of 27 banks in Belarus.

Our team exceeds 250 people, of whom 220 are IT specialists. 100+ specialists are experienced in Oracle.

QA is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Development center is in Minsk, Belarus. Office in Moscow, Russia.

SoftElegance, Ltd.

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
SoftElegance offers software consulting, development and maintenance services on the outsourcing business model, where our clients benefit from SoftElegance’s technical skill pool, quality infrastructure, up-to-date methodologies and processes and low-cost development.

SoftElegance keeps up a philosophy of client comfortability high quality of deliverables, flexible business approaches, apparent project management techniques, focus on cutting edge tools and technologies, and dedication to the project.

System Technologies JLLC

Country:   Belarus

Main activities/specialization :
System technologies JLLC is one of the leading IT-companies in the Republic of Belarus in developing software solutions for banks, industrial organizations and other organizations of the Republic, in offering high-scored services in installation and support, also other kinds of services in the sphere of the informational technologies in the market of the Republic of Belarus.
Achievements of the company:
- Membership in the Infopark national research association.
- A resident of the High Technology Park (HTP).
- A partner of Microsoft, Sybase, 1С, Oracle.


Country:   Украина

Main activities/specialization :
SystemGroup - это международная динамично развивающаяся группа компаний, предоставляющих широкий спектр услуг по созданию решений для автоматизации бизнес-процессов на основе новейших мировых технологий.
Активное развитие инновационных технологий и многолетний опыт SystemGroup создали благоприятную среду для активной экспансии в Болгарию, Казахстан, Молдову, Россию. SystemGroup является официальным партнером Microsoft и имеет статус Microsoft Gold Certified Partner в следующих компетенциях: Microsoft Business Solution и Mobility Solution .
Направления деятельности:
• Консалтинговые услуги

TEAM International

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
TEAM International is a global provider of IT Services, headquartered in US with operations in Ukraine.

We specialize in:

• Software Development
• Project Management
• Business Analysis
• QA Testing
• Database Configuration
• Maintenance and Enhancement
• Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
• Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
• E-Commerce


Country:   France

Main activities/specialization :


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
TechInsight has a solid 13 years experience of outsourcing software development. We successfully completed a broad range of projects in the areas such as middleware computing, application management and monitoring, healthcare and banking software. Some of our customers include IBM and CreditEurope Bank. Our project management experience includes all stages of an application lifecycle starting with inception and requirements gathering, through analysis and design stage and then implementation, testing, quality assurance and concluding with long term maintenance and support phases.

TestAssure Software Development & Testing Services - Ukraine

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
TestAssure is a full service Software Development and Testing company, which specializes in offering clients comprehensive Development and Quality Assurance Services globally, on an Outsourced basis. Our Sales and Marketing offices are located in Austin, Texas. Our Test Laboratories are located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our Staff and Certified Testers work on a 24 x 7 basis. Please visit to learn more about our Services. We would like to earn your Development and Testing business.

U.S. Embassy -- Kyiv, Ukraine

Country:   USA

Main activities/specialization :

UGE UkrGermanEnterprise GmbH (UGE GmbH)

Country:   Germany

Main activities/specialization :
Компания UGE – совместное немецко-украинское предприятие, оказывающее услуги в сфере Nearshore программирования. На рынке разработки программного обеспечения существует с 2005 года.
Основные виды деятельности:
• разработка программного обеспечения (как стандартного, так и индивидуального)
• миграция и портирование программного обеспечения
• имплементация и тестирование программного обеспечения
• дальнейшее обслуживание программного обеспечения
Философия компании:
ориентация на долгосрочное взаимовыгодное партнерство

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative ( is a leading alliance of Ukrainian software development companies working in outsourcing, offshore software development and BPO. Ukrainian HI-Tech Initiative is an organizer of annual Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum ( – IT business forum dedicated to promotion and development of Ukrainian software development and outsourcing market.
Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative objectives:
- setting up and development of international connections in the sphere of software development;
- creation of a positive image of Ukrainian software development on the foreign markets;
- search and selection of partners supplying IT services outsourcing and BPO in Ukraine;
- organization of B2B meeting between Ukrainian and foreign companies;
- finding investors into Ukrainian software development industry.

United Software Corporation

Country:   US-Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
United Software Corporation is a global IT services and technologies provider, which builds its competitive advantages on the basis of the Ukrainian IT talents and innovations. Registered in California in 2004, USC acquired several Ukrainian IT companies and teams founded 8-10 years ago. United Software Corporation was invested by TECHINVEST, Ukrainian Venture Capital Firm.

USC offers a range of services covering full cycle of IT products development for global customers, including contract research and development. USC can help to:

Establish offshore Dedicated Development Center with all necessary infrastructure (DDC)
Identify the problem, create the concept, design the software, develop a software product (Key Product Development)
Create core technology and/or periphery technology layers (Contract R&D)
Allocate a team of researchers or software engineers to do R&D job at the highest professional level (Dedicated R&D Team).

In 2005, USC was the first Ukrainian company to receive “IBM Approved Vendor” status, it performs R&D for IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center.


Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
USoft provides variety of software services and helps its customers in application designing, re-engineering, developing, testing, maintaining and managing software solutions in the following areas:

- Software development
- Embedded Systems development

Our Strengths:

- Flexibility of cooperation models
- Our production process is result and quality oriented
- We follow unique methodology oriented for distributed development
- We provide cost-effective and scalable offshore outsourcing services

VENBEST Recruiting

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
VENBEST Recruiting – IT recruitment agency specializes in the recruitment and placement of IT professionals. We offer our clients:
• Recruitment services
• (RPO) recruitment process and HR admin outsourcing
• Staff leasing and outsourcing
• Payroll administration
• HR consulting
Agency Consultants have over 6 years experience in IT recruitment , we have completed over 200 of successful searches of experts for more 30 international companies, including number of successful IT start-ups.

XITEX Software

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
XITEX Software is an advanced Ukrainian software outsourcing company based in Donetsk. Having a team of 70+ qualified and experienced specialists, XITEX Software provides a whole range of services:
- Custom Software Development (desktop, client-server and web-based applications requiring the latest technologies: Java (J2SE, J2EE, J2ME), C++, .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET), PHP, Delphi etc);
- Product Development (solutions for airlines, insurance, media, casino, entertainment, medicine etc);
- Web Development (e-learning, solutions for sports, finance etc);
- Games Development (C++, Flash, J2ME).

Zentray Software

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Zentray is an Ukrainian outsourcing software company, specialized in web 2.0 projects development.
We are Agile company and our primary goal is to deliver business value to our clients and develop long time partner relationship. Zentray main technologies are Java, Grails (java competitor of Ruby on Rails) and Ajax. We develop web portals, e-commerce sites, social network sites, web catalogues, etc. All developed solutions have Content Management Systems (CMS) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) out of the box.

Zoral Labs

Country:   Ukraine

Main activities/specialization :
Zoral is a specialist provider of off-shore and on-shore research and development resource to the software industry.

The Zoral Group was founded in 1999 by a team of highly experienced European and American software entrepreneurs. It has offices in London, NewYork, France, Eastern Europe and CIS. Zoral initially specialized in advanced technology development, including high speed vector array processing, bios and compiler design and development, complex data analysis and windows kernel security. Subsequently Zoral has expanded into a wide range of development areas.

ООО "Программные Технологии"

Country:   Россия

Main activities/specialization :
Software Technologies was founded in 1996. The Software Technologies team leverages vast experience to execute complex projects in a variety of areas. This expertise is also valuable for clients that choose ongoing technical support for the products that we develop.In addition to having the knowledge to effectively complete most software related projects. Software Technologies is highly skilled in a variety of technologies. These include C#, C++, Java, php, HTML/DHTML, XML, ASP/JScript/VBScript, MFC/Win32 SDK.


Country:   УКРАИНА

Main activities/specialization :
ООО "Символ-ИТ" компания, созданная летом 2007 года. Мы еще не осуществляем деятельности, поэтому написать то пока и нечего. Конечно, у нас есть кое-какие планы и кое-какие идеи, но, мы считаем, что публиковать их пока рановато.
На Форуме мы хотим просто осмотреться, в какой среде предстоит работать.
Извините, что мы такой непутевый участник. Надеемся в следующем году дать уже более ценную информацию о себе.
РАЗРАБОТКА И СОПРОВОЖДЕНИЕ ПРОГРАММНЫХ ПРОДУКТОВ ДЛЯ БАНКВОСКОГО СЕКТОРА (Планируют продвигать на рынке Украины софт для обеспечения деятельности банков -- небольшие вспомогательные модули не собственной разработки).

ООО "Транснавиком"

Country:   Украина

Main activities/specialization :
Транснавиком является крупнейшим украинским разработчиком и поставщиком информационно-справочных и картографических систем на лицензионных компакт-дисках. Компания предлагает новейшие методики и направления в производстве электронных карт на основе современных геоинформационных технологий.Основная деятельность компании - разработка и производство: Электронных, навигационных и спутниковых карт городов Украины, систем GPS слежения и контроля за транспортом и частными лицами.Наша компания находится в постоянном развитии, расширяя линейку продуктов и оптимизируя их качественные характеристики.

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